• FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE: The Classic Mens pocket Comb



    I have a special affinity for this product. Its about loyalty even though it just looks like a comb. I know I'm not the only man who saw his father leave for work, if we woke up early enough that is, with his black plastic pocket comb. Why? Because it worked and it lasted forever. 

    We include one free comb with every purchase, but apparently that wasn't enough! We're always asked for more! Our bearded customers and their families just can't get enough unbreakable pocket combs. I guess grandpa was right, everyone needs a pocket comb. You can purchase additional combs for just $1 each so you can have one in your car, in the office, in your pocket, and everywhere else!

    Our favorite comb works great with FACEKEVLAR Ride Shampoo. Biker approved.