The Idea That Launched a Company

A Dry Shampoo Story

This is the product that started it all. After a long day on the road with the boys I returned home to the family for the night. After cleaning up and getting ready for bed I leaned in for a kiss goodnight from my wife and she immediately said that my beard was "disgusting". That's when I thought of it, I had seen her use a spray can to clean her hair before going out and I remember her telling me it was dry shampoo. It cleans your hair when you're in a rush. I thought, why cant I use something like that! However, after going to a few stores I realized there wasn't any products like that for a guy. The dry shampoos were all flowery smelling products for woman only. I'm a U.S. Marine, I wasn't about to use a girly hair care product. I want a product for a man! So I figured, If I cant buy it I'll make it myself. The answer: FACEKEVLAR Ride Shampoo- Dry/Wet Beard Shampoo. A mans product, made by a man, for a mans beard.

It comes in a convenient travel size that fits easily into your travel case or saddlebag on your bike. Just Spray and comb and be ready to kiss. Works great with our FACEKEVLAR Classic Mens Combs. And after your beard is all clean, use FACEKEVLAR Beard Oil to replenish moisture and add shine. Unscented.

If you're a man with a beard I'm betting you can appreciate this story and if you don't you probably would have just bought the chick shampoo, got in your Prius and went home. Men with beards do it a little different. I hope everyone sincerely enjoys their purchases at FACEKEVLAR because I take a lot of care and pride in making them for you. God bless America and God bless the United States Marine Corps. Semper-Fi

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B5, Vitamin Ester C, Organic Aloe, Leaf Powder, Italian Green Clay, Essential Oils.  2 fl. oz.