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We are truly an American small business; we are entirely family owned and operated. We take great joy in providing something large companies can't, our personal customer experience and attention to detail and a huge amount satisfaction knowing we are shipping you quality products (usually custom made per order) that we can be proud of.
This kind if quality & attention is only possible by taking the time to pay attention to every stage of product fulfillment. This allowed us to guarantee your %100 satisfaction! However, depending on order volume, your shipment can take longer than "Big Beard" (lol) would provide your big box product. Your patience is greatly appreciated and has proven, as per our reviews, to be well worth your time.
As a Bearded man, I sell and ship to you only the items that I would love to have personally. Not a great "business model" so Im told. Im glad I never went to college and learned what a "business model" was because  you may not be getting these GREAT BEARD CARE PRODUCTS!



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