• FaceKevlar Beard Oil Gift Bag - Starter Kit


    If you're giving it as a gift, or just buying it for yourself, our best selling Beard Oil Gift Bag will show your beard pride. Separately its an almost $35.00+ value but we want to make you shine with our products. Not only do you get our premium beard products,  they come in a manly canvas draw string bag for protection and convenience. 

    What's in the bag?

    1. FaceKevlar Beard Oil  (your choice from our 5 signature scents: Leatherneck, Dirty Whiskey, Jamaican Rum, Black Label & Forest Ride )

    2. FaceKevlar Handmade Green Sandalwood comb.

    3. The Always FREE Plastic FaceKevlar Pocket Comb (a nod to our dads and granddads who carried them)

    4. Custom Fit canvas Bag to round off a bearded mans dream

    Whomever is the lucky recipient of this package will never forget you putting this much thought into what he puts all his thought into.