FaceKevlar Green Sandalwood Long Handled Comb

$16.99 $10.00

A new member of our #FaceKevlarFamily of combs. A 10" long Green sandalwood comb with a sturdy handle. Sandalwood is the perfect wood for a comb, thick & smooth with a bit of gloss to it. It will glide thru your beard or hair without a snag or static, keeping your hair neat and tamed with no knots. Perfect for both men & women for tangle-free hair. The handle is ergonomically shaped and fits comfortably in your hand. A perfect comb to use with our 5 scents of FaceKevlar Beard Oil or FaceKevlar Beard Butter. Of course it's branded with our badass FaceKevlar logo on the handle.

10" total length. Approx 4.5" of teeth.