• FaceKevlar Precision Beard Shears


    The right tool for the job! If you're serious about your beard, you don't just grab a scissor from the junk drawer to trim your FaceKevlar. You use our Precision Beard Shears with scalpel like cutting, and a measuring ruler on the blade to ensure your whiskers are cut to your specifications. Plus, it has hard corps rugged good looks, just like you. If you love your beard, then you have to have this precision tool. Laser etched with the FaceKevlar name and made to get the job done right. 

    Scissors measure approximately 3.75" in length, with a one inch laser etched ruler on the blade to ensure precision trimming and optimal control. Your choice of matte black or silver. Trim only what you want and not more. Includes a carry case for easy storage & protection.