FaceKevlar Oil & Wax Gift Bag - Starter Kit


Make your gift unforgettable and let him know you care about the same thing he cares about with this unique "Beard Gift Bag". Separately its an almost $55.00 value. Not only do you get the same premium beard products from FaceKevlar but they come in a manly draw string bag for protection and convenience. 

What's in the bag?

1. FaceKevlar Beard Oil (your choice of our 5 signature scents or unscented)

2. FaceKevlar Beard & Mustache Wax, Man Size Tin

3. Hand Made Green Sandalwood Beard/Mustache Comb

4. The Always FREE Plastic FaceKevlar Pocket Comb (a nod to our dads and granddads who carried them)

5. Custom Fit Bag to round off a bearded mans dream

Whomever is the lucky recipient of this package will never forget you.