• FaceKevlar PVC Tactical Patch *Making room for new patches-Sale

    $6.00 $4.00

    If you're a gear addict like me, you have to have the patch nobody else has- this is your chance! Brand new and custom for FaceKevlar, the PVC Tactical Patch has a velcro backing that makes it easy to add onto your favorite clothing, hats, bug-out bags, gun bag, etc. The velcro backing can be sewn onto any gear for you to attach our badass patch or any other velcro patch. 

    The FaceKevlar patch is made of rugged, waterproof PVC that will take a beating on the trails or on your leather biker jacket doing 85mph on the interstate. They measure 3x3" and have our awesome logo raised in stark white on a black background. 

    Looks great on all mobile gear. Get yours today and show your FaceKevlar pride.