• FaceKevlar Waterproof Tactical Beard Kit


    Introducing our FaceKevlar Tactical Beard Kit. Some of our favorite products are packaged in a waterproof Pelican case with a D-ring carabiner for easy and secure use. The hard case will keep all of your beard needs safe and ready to use, and looks badass with our iconic FaceKevlar logo. 

    Included in the waterproof kit are our best selling green sandalwood comb, our travel size Beard Wax tin, our virtually unbreakable plastic FaceKevlar comb, our new Precision Beard Shears, Ride Balm in Cherry Bomb and a sample packet of each of our 5 signature Beard Oil scents (Leatherneck, Black Label, Dirty Whiskey, Forest Ride & Jamaican Rum). 

    The hard sided, waterproof Pelican case measures approx 4.25"x7"x 1.25" deep.