• The Ruler Comb {fine tooth} SOLD OUT


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    Its back in stock! The all natural, no static, green sandalwood Beard & Mustache Comb. 4" by 2.4" Every one is hand made and comes in a protective plastic wrap to avoid scratches and to keep in the natural wood scent. It smells so good you'll love the lumberjack scent running through your beard. Our best selling comb now includes the FaceKevlar ruler on the back to keep track of your beard growth. To protect the best comb you will ever own, I also ship it to you on a convenient, custom fit, carry pouch (linen or burlap). It will be the best comb you will ever run through your FaceKevlar. The best accessory for your best facial accessory. Doesn't your face deserve the very best? I use mine every single day. It works the best when you're using it to comb in FaceKevlar Beard Oil and FaceKevlar Beard Wax You'll feel and smell the difference the very first time you use it on your beard. But don't worry, you still get your free FaceKevlar Plastic Pocket Comb with your purchase. 2 combs at once.