• The Ruler Comb {wide & fine tooth}

    $15.00 $10.00

    NEW! We've improved on our already great, best-selling original Ruler Comb to bring you an updated version you'll love! The Ruler Comb is also handmade from green sandalwood, is static free, and has the same awesome feeling running thru your beard. But we've re-created it with two sizes of teeth-wide on one side of the comb for getting out the knots and tangles (especially good after your ride with the wind in your FaceKevlar),  and fine teeth on the other side to get all of your FaceKevlar neat, orderly and in place. 
    But our favorite feature of the Ruler Comb is… the ruler! There is a 4" ruler engraved onto the back of the comb so you can see just how big you are. Show your grow and measure up! 
    The Ruler Comb comes in its own carry pouch (linen or burlap) and has a subtle woodsy aromatic scent that adds to its greatness.