• FACEKEVLAR Beard & Mustache Wax- Travel Size Tin


    Just like it's man-sized counterpart, FACEKEVLAR travel size Beard Wax will hold your beard in style without flaking or stiffness. This smaller version is perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or in the saddlebags of your bike so you can look great wherever the day takes you. Unscented and biker approved. Best if used on a clean beard, so start off right with FACEKEVLAR Ride Shampoo

    UPDATE: I have recently been informed that I have not properly included mustaches in my product advertising. Yes it is true that all my products will work just as good on a mustache as a beard so please buy my products. Accept our apology for not giving you your do attention and I will edit our next labels accordingly.

    Thank you

    Ingredients: All Natural Bees Wax, Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Natural Oils & Scents


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